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Exclusive Interview „Peter Howarth“ (The Hollies, Frontm3n)

The man with the golden voice!                                                                                                                                          

Secret revealed! How the Frontm3n were founded! You never heard this story before!

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The secret about the Frontm3n coming together! Peter´s straight talk!

Frontm3n Peter Howarth, also with “The Hollies” gave me an exclusive interview, before getting on stage at Parktheater Augsburg. Peter is an emphatic and friendly person, without any airs and graces. He radiates peace and gave other people a warm feeling.

Frontm3n Peter Howarth, also with “The Hollies” gave me an exclusive interview, before getting on stage at Parktheater Augsburg. Peter is an emphatic and friendly person, without any airs and graces. He radiates peace and gave other people a warm feeling.

KF: Hi Peter, thanks for giving me some time to talk with you. I will not ask you questions about your live, or what did you before, there are so many articles in the internet, about the legendary “Hollies” and what you did with them on their last three albums. Therefore, this is more a music and an insider talk.

KF: have you ever thought this Frontm3n project would start so powerful and fantastic?

PH: NO – I didn´t thought that it would start so quickly. I knew it was a great idea and I need a potential of songs, which create a very good evening detaining people. But when you get together and you do something then the first step is the hardest and it took a while to do that, but once we’ve done it, I want Stefan (Manager Frontm3n) to have a couple of concerts. It was very apparent from walking onto the stage, even before sang anything that people are very glad to be there. I know, all we have to do is do a good show, but I was not really prepared for how quickly it has happened mainly. That’s been down to Stefan our manager, who is very good at organising things and getting planning ahead and getting people involved, also as he’s got radio stations involved, but there again, we’ve had the idea that they do like the idea of the Fontm3n, three guys in bands. Then we have gone through the motion of doing what we do. Just a band singing songs and now we got our own songs going now, which it is all flowering very, very quickly.

KF: you knew each other a long time. Why does it last so long you came up into the Frontm3n? In addition, you now collaborate with Mick Wilson, but before you are acting and working with Rick Fenn from 10cc?

PH: IN 1987/88, I used to write a lot with Rick. We wrote a musical that was in the West End. Musicals didn’t get into the west end, but we got a lot back 10 years working with, writing on and off working together with Mick and Pete came around, it has been a while. I wanted to do some concerts to mind acoustic guitar, which I added to order some small concerts just to my own pleasure and Mick was working with 10cc he was working between the UK and doing acoustics gigs. One Promotor than says, it would be a good idea if you would come together, that´s why the Frontm3n even exist.

KF: so a promotor brought you together.

PH: yes, indeed. He has a good idea for the gig, because we do need some to go. I will book – you turn up!

KF: isn´t it outrageous that songs, written in another time, are so successful these days? For example, when you look at the Hollies songs: “Sandy, the Air that I Breathe”. They are always on radio and everybody knows them, the age doesn´t matter. They might don´t know The Hollies, but they knew the songs. What is the reason for that?

PH: I think it is very simple, because a good song is a good song! I think if you have a good song then it stands the test of time. If you can manage to surface to be a hit that is going to be heard repeatedly and when people here it again, they remember a good song, you know. If you hear a song 20 or 30 years ago, you hear it now and it´s still a great song.  I tend to the million songs I knew which created memories and are now part of my life. I think a lot people do so.

KF: do todays bands have only a one hit wonder song? Bands in the past had some time to develop themselves. Error and try in today’s speech. Young bands have stress to stay on the market and find their style at once. What does that mean for the quality of music?

PH: People invested in a band so they would expect a life expectancy for a few years, say four or five albums. Now there´s so much music, people listen Spotify and they got like this song, like that song, it is in the hits on their phone. They did not invest in a complete album and buy it, if you can get the only song. Nevertheless, if you can get to the level of people going out and search the whole album these days that is a win. You listen to it for 2 days and it is the kind of songs they have no debts to the meaning so they are very easy to eat and chat, one-day listen to the hooks over and over again.

KF: but not our generation Peter! We are different; we collect vinyl and want to hear the complete story of an album. We want the cover, feel the vinyl, read the lyrics on the inlet. The trend is ongoing. People don´t only want bits and bytes, they want to have something physically in their hands.

PH: I think this coming back and will be listened on a good HiFi.

KF: why do so many musicians do more than one band project?

PH: I think personally speaking, is two reasons for me. I like to have variety. Therefore, if I was doing one thing all the time, no matter what it is, you are going to stay doing the same show every night with the same people it is going to get nice to have to do something different. When you start to get light on with the Hollies and I have had done too much of the Hollies and I go to do the Frontmen, it is like different work. If I do not have any gigs upcoming in, there is no bands at work, so I do not like this. It is not good to have nothing to do.

KF: so you have several ideas, which can be done best with different band projects? So an idea would work fine with the Frontm3n, but not with “The Hollies” ?

PH: of course, I think a lot of that, which fits best.

KF: How long do you think we will have such a fantastic live band culture?

When live bands like Status Quo or Uriah Heep will retire, there will be a gap in live music. What do you think will happen?

PH: Maybe it will start again. Perhaps people are going to have to realize that there is something very special about playing live, there is nothing better for people to experience. You can record now which is great, but then going out performing a song to an audience and you are in that moment special. At the end of the night, when people applaud you, there is nothing like that. You cannot buy that, when people get up, you have to earn that every night. Turn it every night and it is, as a bit of a drunk, really you need it. You can´t replace it!

KF: it seems that the most stressful on doing concerts is travelling and waiting

PH: Of course! Keeping healthy is really hard. Eating and drinking the right is not always as easy. Between the Frontm3n tour and starting with The Hollies, I got one-day home only between.

Thank you Peter for this interview, I wish you all the best, may the applause never ends to soon. Hopefully you have a good tour with The Hollies and seeing you again at Augsburg December 2019 and February 2020.




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