Strange Kind of Women rocken Spectrum Augsburg!
Das Warten hat sich gelohnt!!

Breaking Boundaries: A Night of Empowerment with Strange Kind of Women at Spectrum Club Augsburg"

"Breaking Boundaries: A Night of Empowerment with Strange Kind of Women at
Spectrum Club Augsburg"

Crowd: „This was awesome!“

Introduction: Spectrum Club Augsburg bore witness to a night of sheer electricity on November 10th, courtesy of Strange Kind of Women, the unparalleled female Deep Purple tribute band. As the crowd brimmed with anticipation, the question lingered: could these ladies truly capture the essence of Deep Purple’s iconic sound? Spoiler alert: they didn’t just capture it; they owned it.

The Lineup Switch: A notable shift in the lineup saw the absence of lead singer Alteria, her vocal cords having undergone considerable stress in the preceding month. Fear not, though, as Klara, a friend of the band hailing from Venice, seamlessly stepped into her shoes, proving unequivocally that women can rock Deep Purple classics. The Spectrum Club crowd resoundingly declared, „Yes, they can!“

The Joy of Performance: What set Strange Kind of Women apart was the authentic joy that radiated from their performance. While debates about the authenticity of tribute bands persist, this one made perfect sense. The cover not only paid homage to Deep Purple but injected a fresh energy and enthusiasm that proved contagious.

Emulating the Magic: With their bold declaration on the band’s homepage, „The women can emulate the magic of Deep Purple live every night!“ Strange Kind of Women lived up to the promise. From the moment they graced the stage, Eliana Cargnelutti on guitar, Margherita Gruden on keyboards, Paola Zadra on bass, Chiara Cotugno on drums (not related to the famous Italian singer Toto), and the incredible Miss Klara showcased their ability to capture the essence of Deep Purple’s magic.

Showcasing Women’s Power on Display: Pre-concert YouTube videos hinted at the band’s women power. The synergy, skillful play, and sheer passion for the music created an immersive experience that resonated deeply with the audience.

Individual Highlights:

  • Eliana (Guitar): Commanded her guitar with both power and infectious joy, captivating the crowd.
  • Chiara (Drums): Though often overshadowed like many drummers, her impactful solo received well-deserved applause, showcasing her concentration and skill.
  • Klara (Vocals): An entrancing presence, she quickly captivated the crowd with her stunning performance, exuding charisma and talent. She’s a real showrunner! Sunglasses and a warbling mane, man she looked hot!
  • Paola (Bass): Held the groundline with the drums flawlessly and delivered a compelling solo, earning trust and admiration from her bandmates.
  • Margherita (Keyboards): Despite not being Don Airey, she impressed with her fantastic play and surprising tunes. Her solo was particularly stunning, contributing to the overall pleasure of the performance. The audience still got this within minutes. Well done!


The Playlist: The band predominantly played the iconic „Made in Japan“ album, featuring 12 classic songs that took the audience on a nostalgic journey. Concentrating on well-known Deep Purple tracks like „Stormbringer,“ „Black Night,“ and „Perfect Strangers,“ they ignited the audience’s enthusiasm from the outset. So they immediately got the audience getting bananas.

Conclusion: Strange Kind of Women’s performance at the Spectrum Club Augsburg transcended the realm of mere tribute; it evolved into a celebration of the timeless music of Deep Purple and a powerful demonstration of women in rock. As the crowd dispersed that night, it was undeniable that Strange Kind of Women had not only rocked the Spectrum Club but had also etched an indelible mark on the hearts of everyone present. So seeing them in 2024 here again, will be a must!


-Black Night
-Perfect Strangers
-Lay down – stay down
-Into the fire
-Strange kind of women
-Speed King
-Smoke on the water
-Space truckin’
-Highway Star
-When a blind man cries

Thanks: Band and Manager Willi for foto pass